Appendix F: Hidden service directory format [HIDSERVDIR-FORMAT]

This appendix section specifies the contents of the HiddenServiceDir directory:

  • "hostname" [FILE]

This file contains the onion address of the onion service.

  • "private_key_ed25519" [FILE]

This file contains the private master ed25519 key of the onion service. [TODO: Offline keys]

  - "./authorized_clients/"                  [DIRECTORY]
    "./authorized_clients/alice.auth"        [FILE]
    "./authorized_clients/bob.auth"          [FILE]
    "./authorized_clients/charlie.auth"      [FILE]

If client authorization is enabled, this directory MUST contain a ".auth" file for each authorized client. Each such file contains the public key of the respective client. The files are transmitted to the service operator by the client.

See section [CLIENT-AUTH-MGMT] for more details and the format of the client file.

(NOTE: client authorization is implemented as of