Tor proposals by status

Here we have a set of proposals for changes to the Tor protocol. Some of these proposals are implemented; some are works in progress; and some will never be implemented.

Below are a list of proposals sorted by status. See for a list of proposals sorted by number.

Active proposals by status

OPEN proposals: under discussion

These are proposals that we think are likely to be complete, and ripe for discussion.

ACCEPTED proposals: slated for implementation

These are the proposals that we agree we'd like to implement. They might or might not have a specific timeframe planned for their implementation.

FINISHED proposals: implemented, specs not merged

These proposals are implemented in some version of Tor; the proposals themselves still need to be merged into the specifications proper.

META proposals: about the proposal process

These proposals describe ongoing policies and changes to the proposals process.

INFORMATIONAL proposals: not actually specifications

These proposals describe a process or project, but aren't actually proposed changes in the Tor specifications.

Preliminary proposals

DRAFT proposals: incomplete works

These proposals have been marked as a draft by their author or the editors, indicating that they aren't yet in a complete form. They're still open for discussion.

NEEDS-REVISION proposals: ideas that we can't implement as-is

These proposals have some promise, but we can't implement them without certain changes.

NEEDS-RESEARCH proposals: blocking on research

These proposals are interesting ideas, but there's more research that would need to happen before we can know whether to implement them or not, or to fill in certain details.

(There are no proposals in this category)

Inactive proposals by status

CLOSED proposals: implemented and specified

These proposals have been implemented in some version of Tor, and the changes from the proposals have been merged into the specifications as necessary.

RESERVE proposals: saving for later

These proposals aren't anything we plan to implement soon, but for one reason or another we think they might be a good idea in the future. We're keeping them around as a reference in case we someday confront the problems that they try to solve.

SUPERSEDED proposals: replaced by something else

These proposals were obsoleted by a later proposal before they were implemented.

DEAD, REJECTED, OBSOLETE proposals: not in our plans

These proposals are not on-track for discussion or implementation. Either discussion has stalled out (the proposal is DEAD), the proposal has been considered and not adopted (the proposal is REJECTED), or the proposal addresses an issue or a solution that is no longer relevant (the proposal is OBSOLETE).